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Hours: Mon-Fri, 7AM-8PM EDT/EST

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Alert: eRA Commons will be unavailable from 9 p.m. (ET) Saturday, July 20, until 8 a.m. (ET) Sunday, July 21 for scheduled monthly maintenance.


Alert: The General Services Administration’s Office of Systems Management, Integrated Award Environment, is hosting a virtual meeting to provide information about the new Government-owned unique entity identifier (UEI) standard.  The meeting is open to all: current and potential federal recipients (contracts, grants, loan recipients, etc.) and the public. The meeting will be held on Thursday, July 25, 2019, starting at 1:00 p.m. eastern time (EDT). To register for the virtual meeting, please email entityvalidation@gsa.gov and the meeting information will be sent to you.

The transition from DUNS to UEI is ongoing, and GSA will provide details to agencies related to the full implementation by December 2020.  Further information about the UEI can be found here:  http://www.gsa.gov/entityid.  NIH will provide updates and guidance to recipients on changes to policies and procedures as additional information becomes available.  

Note: Effective March 22, 2018: If you are registering a new entity in SAM.gov, you must provide an original, signed notarized letter stating that you are the authorized Entity Administrator before your registration will be activated. Read FAQs to learn more about this process change.


Scheduled Commons Maintenance: For maintenance information, see the eRA Scheduled Maintenance Calendar.

Support Related Resources

  • Electronic Submission: Learn about the most frequent application errors at Avoiding Common Errors.
  • Electronic Application Submission: To learn about completing and submitting an electronic application and access helpful resources, visit the Applying Electronically website.
  • eRA Home Page: To find Commons FAQs, User Guides, training materials, and step-by-step instructions for performing tasks in Commons, visit the eRA website.

Commons Related Resources

  • Reference Letters: To submit a reference letter when requested by an applicant, please follow this link: Submit Reference Letter.
  • Demo Facility: Demo Facility allows you to try most of the capabilities of the NIH eRA Commons in a sample environment.

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