Grants Pending Closeout

This query will return a list of NIH Research grants due for Closeout for the selected Organization/IPFs over the last number of days selected. To Find an institution, you must enter the complete IPF number. This query will not include non-NIH grants or NIH fellowships.

This list may be imported easily into other programs for sorting, printing or just saving. Save the output file as an .HTM file and then open with your favorite spreadsheet or word processing program.
The Project Period End Date column of the report output indicates the date used to determine eligibility for Closeout. The No-Cost Extension Used column indicates whether or not the final budget period has been extended. The Final Reports Due Date column identifies the date all final reports are due in compliance with the NIH Grants Policy Statement.

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Required Reports: Please note the reports required for Closeout as follows:

  1. Final Research Performance Progress Report (FRPPR) - all grants excluding Fellowships, which require a Termination Notice
  2. Final Financial Report (FFR) - all grants excluding Fellowships
  3. The Final Invention Statement and Certification is not currently required for activity codes (C06, D42, D43, D71, DP7, G07, G08, G11, K12, K16, K30, P09, P40, P41, P51, R13, R25, R28, R30, R90, RL5, RL9, S10, S14, S15, U13, U14, U41, U42, U45, UC6, UC7, UR2, X01, X02, Ts, and Fs)